Splendor Board Game Organizer


Splendor Board Game Organizer by R&H Firefly Workshop. Assembly instructions included.

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Made by R&H Firefly Workshop out of high quality Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), this organizer features 6 removable trays which make set up and clean up a breeze. There are individual trays for each of the 3 levels of cards and 1 tray that hold the 5 different resource gem tokens and the gold tokens. The Card trays feature a fully enclosed design which prevents the cards from falling out during play, and they also have slots in the bottom and sides for ease of picking up the last one on the stack.

Included are 2 tall sided and 3 short sided card trays which will work with both sleeved and un-sleeved cards. There is also extra room in the Noble storage area to fit any additional Kickstarter or promotional noble cards that you may have. When the trays are in the box, the lid keeps the pieces from shifting during travel.

This Organizer is made and packaged here in America using high quality Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), is inspected for miss-cuts and come packaged with step by step assembly instructions. Superglue is recommended for every assembly (we recommend Gorilla Glue Gel, or a similar gel type superglue) and is sold separately.

*Game sold separately. This product is not affiliated with Asmodee Games.

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