Settlers of Catan Case Style Organizer – Organizer Only


Settlers of Catan Case Style Organizer – Organizer Only by R&H Firefly Workshop. Assembly instructions included.

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A much needed organizer for the classic game Settlers of Catan. This organizer was designed by R&H Firefly Workshop to store the Settlers of Catan core game and it’s 5-6 player extension as well as the following expansions and extensions:

-Seafarers & 5-6 Player Expansion
-Cities and Knights & 5-6 Player Expansion
-Traders and Barbarians & 5-6 Player Expansion

-Explorers and Pirates & 5-6 Player Expansion

-4 removable Token Trays & Tray Lid
-Removable Card Dividers

-Removable Resource Tile Dividers

Included with this organizer are 4 removable trays that hold all of the roads, settlements, cities, fish, tokens, gold, etc.. When everything is inside of the Catan Box the 4 included trays and lid prevent the tokens from mixing together allowing for a quick and easy start to every game. There is also room underneath the 4 removable trays and the land hex tray for holding any extra boarders or large playing tiles.

This organizer is designed to fit inside of a standard Hobby Lobby Item #125005 All Media Artist Supply Case, or similar case/box with minimum inside dimensions of 15-7/8″ Wide x 12-1/8″ Deep x 4-3/16″ Tall.

*Although extremely uncommon, neither ourselves or R&H Firefly Workshop are liable for the organizer not fitting in a purchased or custom made case/box which is purchased from an outside source. In the unlikely event that a purchased case does not work it should be exchanged with the seller for a different case.

This organizer is made and packaged here in America using high quality Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), are inspected for miss-cuts and come complete with step by step assembly instructions. Superglue is recommended for every assembly (we recommend Gorilla Glue Gel, or a similar gel type superglue) and is sold separately.

*#125005 All Media Artist Supply Case sold separately. Game not included. This product is not affiliated with Catan Studios, Inc.


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