Arkham Horror Organizer with Carrying Case


Arkham Horror Organizer with Carrying Case which is shipped fully assembled. Includes standalone card tray holder.

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A much needed organizer for the cooperative board game Arkham Horror, this Organizer with the included Carrying Case includes 6 removable trays that fit in the case itself, as well as an additional separate reinforced MDF box which contains 7 removable card trays as well as a removable tray for the Player & Ancient One cards. All of the trays are removable and allow the components to easily be moved to the table for ease and convenience of play. This case is designed to accommodate Fantasy Flight card sleeves, however using sleeved cards will decrease the number of expansions that can be stored due to the increased card thickness. The removable token tray has individually labeled compartments that allow for easy separation of the expansion specific game pieces.

The Organizer will fit the following sets:
– Arkham Horror Core Game
– Dunwich Horror Expansion (includes new side board)
– The King in Yellow Expansion
– Innsmouth Horror Expansion (includes new side board)
– Miskatonic Horror Expansion
– The Lurker at the Threshold Expansion
– Kingsport Horror Expansion (includes new side board)
– Curse of the Dark Pharaoh Expansion
– The Black Goat of the Woods Expansion

*Please note that if all 3 of the large expansions with sideboards listed above (Dunwich, Innsmouth & Kingsport) are owned, then the game manuals will need to be stored outside of the case, preferably in a large, sturdy envelope or folder. Otherwise they can be stored on top of the side boards and on top of the removable card trays.

The case and the separate Card Tray Box include the following:
– Removable Token Tray (Qty. 4)
– Removable Card Storage Tray (Qty. 2)
– Removable Card Tray for Standard size cards (Qty. 5)
– Removable Card Tray for Miniature size cards (Qty. 2)
– Removable Ancient One & Player card Tray (Qty. 1)

*Please note that minor fading of the wood of the Artist Supply Case has usually occurred during storage while at our supplier and that a little bit of different wood colors can be seen from where the label was, but this will fade over time.

*Game and Expansions sold separately.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 10 in


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